Artist Statement

Half-breed, South Texan, queer, figurative sculptor specializing in the piñata form; playing on themes of race, sexuality, art, sin, humor and beauty.


Drawn to art at a young age, but raised in rural South Texas with very little access to an art education, Benavidez followed a secondary interest in acting earning a BFA at Texas State University. After a few years of moderate acting success in the Texas market, Benavidez found himself drawn back to art and headed west to California. He reorientated himself with classes at Pasadena City College in sculpting, drawing and painting, extending into bronze casting where he initially worked in an abstract, figurative style and exhibited in group shows. He now specializes in fantastical and whimsical piñata-based sculpture, most notably his series Piñatas of Earthly Delights based on the creatures that roam the canvas of Hieronymus Bosch’s, Garden of Earthly Delights.